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DMJ Publishing connects the world with the words that matter, through books that ignite, spark ideas, conversations and learning.


We have successfully published over 12 titles and sold our books in 28 countries around the world. We also regularly work with charities and support causes which are close to our authors and ourselves. 


Under our imprints we are able to deliver a wide variety of genres including: fiction, non-fiction, children’s, educational and poetry. 


We champion the world's most brilliant independent voices, bringing their words to life in compelling and dynamic ways for audiences everywhere. In addition to books, ebooks and audiobooks, we also play a part in film, TV, radio, theatre productions and live events.


DMJ Publishing books help to shape the broader cultural life of our society and inform the natural conversation. Our brands - from BMF to Scale DM - accompany people of all ages on their journey of discovery of the greatest stories, the passionate thinkers and the most compelling ideas.


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