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"365 Days Of The Year Truth"​

365 days

Terence Wallen​

Terence Wallen

For years I posted on my phone statuses positive affirmations and shared the writings of some of the most influential persons to ever walk this earth. I built myself a reasonable audience of around 100 people a day that would read my statuses and either comment or share amongst their peers. It dawned on me that these powerful words, sayings, quotes etc. paved my day and set the tone for my thinking. With the responses I was getting, I realised it was doing the same for so many others. So it only made sense to share the knowledge and my thoughts and put it in print to reach a wider audience but more importantly, spread the food for thought and share the wisdom with the hope to shape and transform as many lives as are receptive to #MyTruths.


The moment you opened this book, your deeper self was seeking Truths. So you will find solace in knowing that whatever life throws at you you’re not alone, and there is light after darkness. 


This book's contribution to your journey will feed you daily affirmations, understandings, healing, peace, rechanneling and in places light humour, offering a realistic guide to MyTruth and will, in turn, be YourTruth or persuade you to start thinking deeply and spiritually into life's Truths.


I recommend you make a mental or even better a physical note every day as you open your mind and receive the information. Take your time and read them, and then reread them, give them some real thought and then recognise how it's relatable to you.


Yours Truly

Terence Wallen

Your 365-day Journey


"Terence not only has the unique ability to turn the philosophical into a practical manner that empowers you to take positive action, but does it with humility, grace and a sense of genuine love for others!" 

Joel Blake OBE
President, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

This book features 365 empowering quotes to kick start your day with a positive mindset! The way the information is presented makes the book so easy to digest! These quotes are some of the greatest words of wisdom and affirmation of all time and Terence has re-ivented them by adding his own unique and personal take on them. This collection is a fantastic starting point in ones journey of enlightenment. Very inspirational!

Jayde Pearson
BBC Journalist

"Terence’s take on some of the greatest quotes and words of wisdom bring to life their contemporary relevance. His soul searching affirmations will soothe the soul and invigorate the spirit!"

David Brook
Former Channel 4 Director
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